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Wow! I can't say enough about this company! Wish I could start with zero stars, but here goes.

I ordered one of their swan planters, looked like the one I bought from BIG LOTs a few years ago. Mine is beautiful. sturdy and white and perfect. My friend always admired it.

The swan from Oriental Trading arrived, with something rattling in the box. Sure enough, it was broken, so not white and very light weight, not sturdy. Obviously easily broken, not good for a planter. I had ordered it to give to my friend for her birthday in two weeks, it took a week to arrive. Obviously I was going to be embarrassed by the poor quality, but it was the only one I could find. AND! It cost twice as much as the one I got from BIG LOTS! $50.00 plus shipping!

I called customer service and they said they would get another one right out, and they did, in time for the birthday. BUT, it was such poor quality, places on it had been badly patched, little chunks were missing, it was a mess.

So I called again. They said I had to return the two in order to get a credit, fine of course but where is the shipping label you promised. OH, we sent it out 5 days ago. Which address did you send it to, since the billing address is different from the shipping address. They did not know. Well it is important since the swans are not at the billing address, which is located two hours away, they are at the shipping address.

Fifteen more days go by, no labels. I call again, they said they sent the labels, where did you send them? To the billing address .Why would you do that since they are still at the ship to address and I already told you that twice. We do not know since we are not the ones to send the labels. Can't you talk to them and make sure they get it right? No, we have no way to do that. Seriously?

They also sent a $20.00 off coupon to compensate for the mess. Guess where they sent that?

I asked to speak to the manager, oh she is not available.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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